“Joy is the serious business of Heaven”. C.S. Lewis


El Costal de Adelita distributes products of brands that contribute to the bettering of the quality of life of indigenous communities, and vulnerable groups. Additionally, it offers a strategic platform for commercializing products which support non-profit organizations represented in different sectors of society.

We seek to support entrepreneurs and business owners who share the vision of business as mission.

Our Business and Mission are:

  • Profitable and sustainable businesses.
  • Intentional about Kingdom of God purpose and impact on people and nations.
  • Focused on holistic transformation and changes reflected in all areas: economic, social, environmental and spiritual.
  • Concerned about the world’s poorest and least evangelized peoples.

We sell product from:

  • Nunayú – A jewelry business and restoration program combatting the exploitation of women, providing a steady job, profession training, education and psychological support.
  • Corazón Valiente (Brave Heart) – a non-profit organization whose purpose is the social and human development of the indigenous communities living in different states in Mexico (mainly with the Otomí and Huichol communities), through education, cultural, spiritual and recreational activities.
  • El Pescador – Organic coffee from Veracruz, free form chemicals and pesticides. It is carefully selected and processed in a handcrafted fashion, until becoming a very appreciated coffee for its balanced body and acidity.
  • FX Secundarios, coffee for humanitarian help – Seeks to mobilize and channel efforts, talents and resources focused on the supporting of projects which promote positive change in society.
  • Nanahi – An effort to create awareness of the injustices lived by the christian indigenous groups in Mexico.
  • Mexquisita – A 100% Mexican business. Through our salsas, we offer you exquisite flavors of chili peppers and spices particular to our country.

El Costal de Adelita is part of a bigger organization (Milamex) which includes a café, a publisher house, a beautiful camp site at the beach and the Centro Latino de Movilización, among others.

We, the members of this team, are followers of Jesus and His teachings; we live in intentional community which is reflected in many ways. We also welcome visitors and volunteers from different contexts. ¡We’d love to hear your story! Each item you buy helps us continue reaching our vision. ¡Thank you!

More information: www.centrolatinodemovilizacion.org